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Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Local Dive

(Crosby Mines)

Aug 10, 2024

Local Dive Adventure: Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area - Ironton, Minnesota
Instructor / Host: - Pending -    (Click here if you have questions)
Also known as the Crosby Mines, this area is dotted with flooded iron ore mine pits. They have been enjoyed by divers for decades due to the clear water and interesting structure. There are trout, northern, bass and sunfish to be seen. More recently, the mines and surrounding hills have been developed into a beautiful recreation area. There are now modern facilities for divers and other park users to enjoy.

Join us for a day of diving and enjoying this unique park. We will meet under the giant serpent at Crosby Park located right in downtown Crosby at 10:00am. From there it is just a 5-minute drive to one of our dive sites.
Pre registration is required. Group size is limited. Fee $25
Need rental gear? No problem if you book your rental equipment early.
Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area:

Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Local Dive. | Scuba Center Abandoned by mining companies more than thirty years ago, this area of former mining pits and rock deposit stockpiles now boasts regenerated vegetation and clear lakes that draw a wide range of recreation enthusiasts. Over the last 20 years, the landscape that was dotted with mining pits and stockpiles has changed. The deep pits are now filled with crystal clear water and a variety of vegetation now covers the area. The result is 25 miles of natural shoreline with a considerable area of forested land containing trembling aspen, paper birch, basswood, red oak, ironwood, and big-tooth aspen. The marsh areas contain bulrush, cattail and sedge. These communities provide a home for a wide variety of wildlife. The area contains six natural lakes, plus an additional 15 deep lakes that were former mine pits. Trout, northern, bass, crappies, sunfish and walleyes inhabit the area's lakes. Most of the recreation area's 5,000 acres are undeveloped. Off-highway vehicles are not permitted within the boundaries of Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area.

Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Details: Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Local Dive. | Scuba Center
Park Information
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You may want to make it a weekend stay. There are yurts and a campground within the park. True North Basecamp is also located onsite. They have built small cabins, platforms with large tents (glamping), and a campground. Bed and breakfast facilities are also available. Reservation are required.
Campgrounds: Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Platform Tent Camping | Scuba Center  Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Cabins. | Scuba Center Local Diving
Camping Information
Crosby Memorial Park - Camping
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Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area | Scuba Center Local Diving 

Click here for directions to Crosby Memorial Park.

Click here for Minnesota state parks vehicle permit.


Hope to see you there!