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PADI ReActivate Scuba Refresher Program

PADI ReActivate at Scuba Center |  
PADI ReActivate eLearning Scuba Review. | Scuba CenterHaven't been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? The PADI ReActivate program is the perfect way to update your dive knowledge and review basic scuba skills. Whether you just need a few reminders or want a more comprehensive review, this program provides an engaging, prescriptive refresher of scuba principles and procedures.

The program has two components: 1) a knowledge review that includes interacting with ReActivate eLearning and 2) a dive skills refresher you complete with a PADI Professional. After successfully completing both components, a PADI Diver receives a replacement certification card showing a "ReActivated Thru" date. Divers initially certified through other training organizations (with proof of at least an entry-level certification) receive ReActivate Recognition Cards.
What does it cover?
PADI ReActivate eLearning has 20 main sections with scenarios that help you recall and apply what you know and want to refresh in an integrated manner. You'll answer several questions and either move on to the next section, or review additional background information for more detail. It's intuitive and interesting.
Examples of section topics include:
  • Dive preparation

  • Boat diving

  • Dive computers

  • Aquatic life

  • Handling problems

  • Diving health and fitness

Similar to the PADI Open Water Diver Course Online, divers confirm learning and retention by completing a quick review in person with their instructor at Scuba Center.
What does it cost?
Part 1:
The PADI ReActivate eLearning Course is $63 US nonrefundable. The fee covers the knowledge refresher and ReActivate Quick Review. ReActivate eLearning also includes a dive skills review with video demonstrations along with RDP and enriched air diving reviews.
Part 2:
The fee for completing the pool portion (confined water) with Scuba Center is $49.95, which include pool fees, and use of scuba equipment.
You must complete both parts to receive ReActivate credit.
PADI ReActivate | PADI eLearning Diver Education in Minnesota Convenient online access to knowledge development course material for one year
PADI ReActivate™ Online | PADI eLearning Unlimited and unrestricted access to an online version of PADI ReActivate™
Scuba Center | PADI ReActivate™ eLearning | Online Diver Education in Minnesota At your own pace complete PADI knowledge assessments
PADI eLearning | PADI Refresher Course Online Visit or contact us anytime during business hours
PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Review eLearning  in Minnesota
Payment is nonrefundable for eLearning codes. There are additional charges for in-water training.
PADI ReActivate™  eLearning SALE -- Scuba Center
Scuba Center Special Combined Price: $99.95
* Must be purchased directly from Scuba Center to get this special introductory price. Regular price is $63 for ReActivate eLearning and $49.95 for pool session.
 To get this special price you must register in person or over the phone with either Scuba Center location.
Minneapolis 612-925-4818
Eagan 651-681-8434

PADI eLearning SCUBA refresher | Minimum Age for this Course: 10 years old.
What do I need to do before class?
Complete the ReActivate eLearning. You will take a ReActivate Quick Review at the start of class. You also need to complete a PADI Student Record File (which includes a Medical Statement).  If you answer yes to any of the medical history questions, the PADI Medical Statement must be signed by your physician prior to your pool sessionYou can download and review the Diver Medical Form hereIf you require a physicians approval, we recommend that you retain an extra copy of the signed Medical Form for your records.
How do I register for a class?
You can register for your class over the phone with a credit card (pre-payment required) or by stopping in at either Scuba Center location.
2021-2022 PADI ReActivate Schedule


Don't forget to bring Mask, Fins, and Snorkel along with a swimsuit and towel to class.  

PADI Scuba Review | ReActivate sessions held at our store in Eagan, Minnesota
Mon. evening:
Fri. evening:
Fri. afternoon:
REA211025 - Oct 25 REA211022 - Oct 22 REA211008 - Oct 8
REA211122 - Nov 22 REA211119 - Nov 19  
REA211220 - Dec 20 REA211217 - Dec 17  
REA220124 - Jan 24 REA220107 - Jan 7  
REA220228 - Feb 28 REA220225 - Feb 25  
REA220328 - Mar 28 REA220325 - Mar 25  
* All ending times are approximations.
Sessions may run longer if necessary (Based on student preparation, participation, skill completion, etc).

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