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Drysuit Hoods

Surface Water Rescue accessories

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Aqua Lung / Whites Drysuit Hoods Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung 7/4 HeatWave Hood | The 7/4 HeatWave hood combines 7mm and 4mm super stretch neoprene for dependable cold water insulation. A glideskin face seal further minimizes cold water seeping into the hood. 

Aqua Lung 7/4 HeatWave Hood
  • Minimalist design rests over neck seal for no fuss

  • Glideskin face seal minimizes cold water getting into your hood

  • Combination of 7mm & 4mm HS200 high stretch neoprene for comfortable cold water insulation

  • Face panel left unbound for custom trimming

  • Bubble vent at top of hood allows trapped air to escape

  • Glued & blindstitched seams for long lasting integrity

  • Hanging loop located at top for easy drying.

Aqua Lung 7/4 HeatWave Hood
Price: $49.00

Established in 1963, DUI is the world's leader in keeping divers warm and comfortable. | At DUI, they love the experience of diving, too. They love being with divers and helping them learn more about their options so they can have the ultimate experience with their friends and family. Whether you are a recreational weekend diver, a technical diver pushing the envelope, a public safety diver needing protection in an unknown environment, a working commercial diver, a scientific diver in 28 degree water, or a military special ops diver with a mission. DUI has the equipment for you. DUI

With feedback from divers around the world, DUI has used the combination of material, design and seam placement to create the ultimate drysuit hood! There is more to a hood than just wrapping your head in neoprene! Here are just some of the features that went into the design of DUI’s NEW Ultra Drysuit Hood:

DUI 7mm Warm Neck Drysuit Hood
  • Highest quality 7mm superior stretch neoprene makes it easy on/easy off

  • Incredibly comfortable to wear

  • Vented to allow air to escape yet keep the water out

  • Larger face seal allowing for more face coverage for warmth

  • Strategically placed seams for longer wear - No seam under the chin

  • Tapered behind the head for a closer fit to reduce water flow

  • In warm neck style skirt is 4mm for easier tucking into warm neck collar

  • Designed for use with drysuits

Ultra Drysuit Hood included in all DUI Sport and Signature Series packages.

DUI Ultra Warm Neck Drysuit Hood
Price: $70.00

Seasoft Drysuit Hoods | Face seal for use with Full Face Masks Seasoft Pro M6 6mm Drysuit Hood for Full Face Masks

Seasoft Pro M6 Drysuit Hood | The SEASOFT PRO / M6™ 6 mm Drysuit Hood is the perfect commercial hood for that specific dive. | Available at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota 

Seasoft Pro M6 6mm Drysuit Hood for Full Face Masks

The SEASOFT PRO / M6™ 6 mm Drysuit Hood is designed to be worn with a full face mask. The PRO / M6™ has a layer of skin on the inside and on the outside with a layer of tough nylon in between these two layers. The skin allows the hood to seal to your face and the full face mask to seal to the hood.

Of course, the three back panels are of compressed neoprene to provide you with thermal protection as you descend. You don't want your hood getting thinner as the water is getting colder.

There are no seams down the middle of the chin, this prevents jaw fatigue.

There are two layers of Titanium Flake Foil™ for added heat retention.

At the top of the hood there are two small holes with a built in baffle system inside the hood to purge excess air from inside your hood while preventing any cold water from entering.

Seasoft Pro M6 6mm Drysuit Hood
Price: $79.99

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