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Mask Defog and Care Products

Most lenses need to be cleaned to remove silicone preservatives and materials that may be left from the manufacturing process.*  If this is not done, the defog product of your choice simply can't do the job.  Put a little white (non-gel) toothpaste on the lenses and rub it around well with your fingers.  Then, rinse the lenses with fresh water and gently dry the mask with a towel or let it air dry before putting it in the mask box and packing it in your bag.
*There are a few exceptions (such as most masks with colored lenses) that should not be cleaned with the "toothpaste trick".  These masks will usually come with special instructions or cleaning materials.

Frog Spit mask defog | Available at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Frog Spit defog for scuba & snorkel masks and swimming goggles.

Frog Spit is Earth friendly containing NO harmful silicone, alcohol or other petroleum distillates found in many anti-fog sprays. Frog Spit is specially formulated to simply apply and let dry unlike other brands on the market that require rinsing or buffing, which can in-effect remove up much of the just-applied anti fog coating. Frog Spit anti-fog solutions go on evenly, in a single transparent layer providing maximum protection against fogging. Frog Spit also has a pleasant tropical fragrance and is safe and effective for use on any type of lens, plastic goggles, face shields and protective eye wear.

Directions for use:

For optimal effectiveness start with a clean, dry surface. Apply one or two drops (depending on area size) onto the surface. With a clean finger tip evenly spread a thin layer over entire surface and let it dry. Reapply as needed.

Full directions are printed on the bottle. Each BIG 2 oz. bottle contains enough Frog Spit antifog solution to last for hundreds of applications.


Frog Spit Defog

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Gear Aid Anti-Fog Spray | Scuba Center 

Gear Aid Anti-Fog Spray | Mask Defog | YouTube video

Gear Aid Anti-Fog Spray

During any type of activity, whether indoor or outdoor, clear vision is essential. Count on GEAR AID Anti-Fog Spray to keep a variety of eyewear and protective lenses clean and fog-free. This 2-in-1 multipurpose formula is alcohol-free and designed to prevent fogging on all types of lenses and optics including non-AR (anti-reflective) eyeglasses, sunglasses, swim goggles, and face shields. Anti-Fog Spray is highly concentrated, allowing multiple lenses to be cleaned and treated with a single 0.5 fl oz bottle. One quick spray, then buff or rinse. That’s all it takes for long lasting anti-fog protection. Make the most out of each day with clear, properly defogged eyewear using Anti-Fog Spray.

  • 2-in-1 Formula – Complete cleaning and anti-fog system for all types of eyewear; same powerful formula as Op Drops™
  • Multipurpose* – Ideal for use on swim goggles, snorkel or dive masks, non-AR eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, face shields, helmet visors, binoculars, scopes and more
  • Alcohol-Free – Effective on glass, plastic, polycarbonate, vinyl and PET materials, including transitional, photochromatic, and polarized lenses
  • Concentrated – A little goes a long way; just one 0.5 fl oz bottle pumps approximately 150 sprays
  • Fast Acting – Simply spray on for instant fog-free vision; just one spray, then buff or rinse

*Not for use on eyewear with anti-reflective (AR) or CAB/CAP polarized coatings. For polarized sunglasses, check with manufacturer prior to anti-fog treatment.


Anti-Fog Spray

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Sea Gold Mask Defog | Available at both Scuba Center locations in the Twin Cities: Eagan, Minnesota and Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Gear Aid Sea Gold Mask Defog | YouTube video

Sea Gold Mask Defog

When scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s nothing more annoying than a fogged-up dive mask. So why mess around with just any anti-fog treatment? De-fog with Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel, a powerful formula that lasts longer than other anti-fog treatments. It’s highly concentrated, so underwater enthusiasts can enjoy multiple dives with just one treatment. Use in any water temperature and in all conditions. Avid scuba divers, instructors and professional gear testers alike agree: Sea Gold is their anti-fog treatment of choice.

Available in 1¼ oz.

Directions For Use:  Apply a small amount to inside of mask lens. Rub aggressively with fingertips. Rinse twice immediately. Use only as directed.

WARNING: Sea Gold is highly concentrated and is not recommended for use on swim goggles.


Sea Gold Defog

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Mask Cleaners and Care Products 

Gear Aid Sea Buff |  

Sea Buff Dive Mask and Slate Cleaner

Before diving and snorkeling, clean masks with Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner. Cleaning dive masks is a recommended step prior to anti-fog treatment. Sea Buff’s quick-clean formula rmoves the silicone residue on new glass dive mask lenses. For older gear, it takes care of dirt, sunscreens, and algae that can interfere with anti-fog treatments. Just apply, rub, rinse and repeat. Keep dive masks clean and ready for anti-fog treatment with Sea Buff Pre-cleaner.

Available in 1¼ oz.

  • Pre-cleaner – Preps the surface for GEAR AID anti-fogs
  • Powerful – Removes residue, dirt, and other debris
  • Cleans Gently – Does not harm or scratch slates
  • Concentrated – One small bottle cleans multiple dive masks
  • Specialized Formula – For use on tempered glass lenses only; test small area before using

WARNING: Sea Buff is a mask cleaner (for tempered glass lenses only) and is not an anti-fog.


Sea Buff

Price: $4.99   add Gear Aid Sea Buff Dive Mask and Slate Cleaner to cart


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