Mares Snorkels | Scuba Center has been selling quality scuba diving and snorkeling equipment since 1973. You will find a wide selection of scuba and snorkeling equipment at both our Minneapolis and Eagan, Minnesota locations.

Mares snorkels | | Mares Ergo Dry, Ergo Splash, and Ergo Flex

Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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Mares Snorkels

Mares Snorkels |

Over 1,000 products designed, and more than 100 registered patents. Mares' research has completely overhauled the look and functionality of many products. Ever since 1950, when Mares was founded by Italian freediving champion Ludovico Mares, the company has been at the forefront of diving technology. His considerable experience as a diver during World War II and his innate manual skill transformed his passion for diving into a leading business that has opened the undersea world to millions of enthusiasts around the globe.

Mares Ergo Snorkels

The new ERGO snorkel family was designed for maximum performance both for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. From one end to the other, the ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the side of the head. All three versions have a corrugated flex hose made using high quality silicone and features a snorkel keeper which can be adjusted in many positions. All three have an exhaust valve in the mouthpiece for prompt purging. The mouthpiece is molded in soft rubber for greater shock and wear resistance, also to properly host the exhaust valve.
Anatomical design
Exhaust valve
Corrugated hose and mouthpiece made with high quality silicone
Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel

Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel |

Exclusive engineering of the dry top (patented) and an ergonomically correct mouthpiece make this the ideal snorkel for scuba or for prolonged snorkeling sessions. The combination of the 100% dry top and an exhaust valve in the mouthpiece ensures a completely dry breathing environment.


Price: $45.00

Mares Ergo Dry



Mares Ergo Splash

Mares Ergo Splash snorkel |

Anti-Splash, semidry top with exhaust valve. An ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece for an intuitive and user friendly experience.


Price: $29.95

Mares Ergo Splash

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